Dubai Holiday Ideas

Dubai is a highly modern metropolis situated in the United Arab Emirates. Here you can go shopping in a gigantic mall or visit the top of the Burj Khalifa, the highest skyscraper in the world. In the old center of the city you can still visit traditional souqs and real adventurers can explore the desert by jeep. In addition, the options for relaxation or beach holidays are endless. The sky is the limit in Dubai.


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Dubai Skyline

Luxury Emirates Break: Sands & Skyscrapers

8 days

From € 1385,- pp

Arabian desert and majestic mountains combine with a dynamic and ever-rising skyline with this luxury UAE holiday, offering the best of the historic...Read more >

Dubai Woestijnsafari

The Ultimate Dubai Adventure

10 days

From € 1095,- pp

Rising out of the desert, the city of Dubai is a place that’s constantly reinventing itself. Huge skyscrapers, the world’s best shopping malls and...Read more >

Muscat Al Alam Palace

Best of Oman & the Emirates

15 days

From € 2250,- pp

Celebrate the rich tapestry of history, culture and innovation that lie at the cornerstones of Oman and the UAE, two nations boasting both...Read more >

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Complete Abu Dhabi

5 days

From € 1095,- pp

This complete trip to Abu Dhabi is the perfect combination of luxury, culture and relaxation. Travel to Abu Dhabi or combine your trip with a visit...Read more >

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About Dubai

Abu Dhabi is developing rapidly with an always changing skyline. The Emirate Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest of all seven and working hard to build the city of the future. Magnificent hotels, offices, clubs, and shopping districts are emerging everywhere. You can experience the modern Arabic world on land, high up in the sky or at sea. Go golfing at the best golf courses in the world, enjoy the blue sea and white beaches or plan a cultural visit to one of the many museums. Moreover, there are many old fortresses and historical highlights to be found here, a few of them belonging to the World Heritage Site List of UNESCO.

During your stay you can easily combine Dubai with a visit to Abu Dhabi or the other way around. It is the perfect destination for a wonderful holiday where you can relax, enjoy the sun, and undertake various excursions.

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