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Egypte Beelden Tempel Luxor

Classic Egypt & the Nile

9 days

From € 1595,- pp

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See some of the most magnificent monuments and treasures of Ancient Egypt and cruise down the majestic River Nile. See details >

Sfinx En Piramide

Highlights of Egypt & Jordan

11 days

From € 1295,- pp

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Immerse yourself in ancient history. Sail down the Nile and enter Egypt’s royal tombs. Then visit Jordan’s rose-hued city of Petra and the Dead Sea. See details >

rondreisEgypt & Jordan Complete

Egypt & Jordan Complete

18 days

From € 2390,- pp

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See some of the most magnificent monuments and treasures of Ancient Egypt and cruise down the majestic River Nile. Then experience the epic history and grand archaeological sites in Jordan. See details >

Egypt Adventure: Pyramids, Deserts and Oases

15 days

From € 2225,- pp

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Discover the pyramids, drive through desolate landscapes dotted with medieval villages and cruise down the River Nile. A fascinating alternative route from Cairo to Luxor. See details >

Egypte Piramides Kamelen

The Best of Israel, Jordan and Egypt

11 days

From € 2145,- pp

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Take time in the historical and cultural centres of Israel, Jordan and Egypt with amazing insight into how life was and is now. An extraordinary blend of culture and relaxation. See details >

About Egypt

Egypt is known as the land of Pharaohs, pyramids, and the Nile river. Which is not a surprise, as the world’s largest concentration of tombs, temples and palaces can be found concentrated around the river, some dating 4000 years back. The country characterizes itself by its rich history, many cultural sites and impressive underwater world, making Egypt the perfect destination for a round trip.

Most of the country is covered by two deserts: the Sahara and the Sinai. Almost the entire population is situated around the fertile lands on the banks of the Nile. Egyptians often sail the river with a felucca. Larger Nile cruises offer multiple day trips for a luxurious experience, discovering the highlights near the river.

The Red Sea with its turquoise waters is the perfect destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital Cairo. With a wide variety of water activities there is plenty to do here.

We create customized travels that will take you to the real treasures of Egypt. Even though we do not offer all-inclusive holidays, we are able to extend your trip with a few days at the beach. This can also be combined with a visit to Jordan or Israel.


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