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A trip to Iran is a unique experience. The colourful country has an endless list of highlights and combines Asian and Middle Eastern culture. With a colossal size, Iran holds many cultural treasures with special traditions, countless beautiful mosques, cosy tea houses and fragrant bazaars. Iran is well-known for its unlimited hospitality. Everywhere you will find the friendliest and most selfless people, who are happy to share their stories with you.


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Iran Persepolis

Highlights of Iran

10 days

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Discover the jewel in Islam's crown, combining glorious architecture with a warm-hearted welcome. Visit the highlights of the four major cities in...Read more >

Yazd Towers Of Silence

Classic Iran

15 days

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Ancient Persian history and rich traditions come together on this insightful tour. Experience the warm hospitality of the Iranian people.Read more >

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Teheran Azadi Tower

About Iran

The modern city Teheran, Iran’s capital, knows so many highlights you can easily spend a full week here. You can make day trips to Dizin, the skiing area of the country, or to Sari, the old capital of the country where you can now find several beautiful nature reserves near the Caspian Sea.

Visit magical Isfahan, a city which proudly resembles one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Boulevards hide under the shadow of trees, the most beautiful flowers bloom in old Persian gardens, and important Islamic buildings shine in the brightest colours.

In Shiraz you will find one of the most gorgeous places of worship of the country: the Nasir al-Molk mosque. However, the most famous highlight in the area is Persepolis, from where one of the largest and most progressive realms of the world was ruled.

The historic desert city Yazd was founded 5000 years ago. Millennium after millennium generations adapted their lives to the desert climate, which is noticeable in the architecture of the city.

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