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Highlights of Israel

8 days

From € 745,- pp

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This itinerary immerses you in Israel's raw and ancient beauty. From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and from Masada's mountain top ruins to the vast salty expanse of the Dead Sea. See details >

The Classic Israel Trip

15 days

From € 1495,- pp

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At the cultural crossroads of east and west, this Israel itinerary immerses you in a complex and contested history that is never less than fascinating. See details >

Het Klooster van Petra in Jordanië

Best of Jordan and Israel

15 days

From € 1695,- pp

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Admire the awe-inspiring Petra and Wadi Rum, and float on the Dead Sea in Jordan. Delve into fascinating Jerusalem, Jaffa and Tel Aviv in Israel. See details >

Israel and Jordan Adventure

18 days

From € 2195,- pp

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Journey through two ancient lands, encountering historic sites sacred to three world faiths as you discover Israel, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv; behold magnificent Petra and overnight in Wadi Rum. See details >

Ultimate Luxury in Israel

10 days

From € 2395,- pp

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Journey to the raw and ancient beauty of Israel. From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, you'll discover some of the world's most important historical and holy sites. See details >

Egypte Piramides Kamelen

The Best of Israel, Jordan and Egypt

11 days

From € 2145,- pp

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Take time in the historical and cultural centres of Israel, Jordan and Egypt with amazing insight into how life was and is now. An extraordinary blend of culture and relaxation. See details >

About Israel

Israel is a modern country located on the edge of the Middle East. It is filled with Biblical stories and culture. Not only suitable for round trips, but also an interesting destination for city trips and beach holidays. The capital Jerusalem is the biggest city of the country with 800.000 inhabitants. Second is the modern city Tel Aviv.

Bustling cities are interspersed by deserted areas. The country is situated in a geographical diverse area with a changing climate. In the north you will find mountains covered in snow at the Golan Heights, in the south lies an extensive desert called the Negev. In between are many nature reserves, such as Ein Avdat National Park and the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. Here you can go hiking while being surrounded by beautiful nature and waterfalls.

Cities such as Acre and Jerusalem represent the history of the country. The Western Wall and Church of the Holy Sepulchre cannot be missed during your visit to Jerusalem. There could not be a bigger contrast between the two biggest cities, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a bustling city with amazing restaurants and high-class hotels. Here you can stroll around the old district Jaffa or cycle along the boulevard. At night you can experience the great nightlife at one of the many clubs.

For your trip to Israel, is the perfect fit. Our extensive network will provide you with only the best the country has to offer.

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