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Classic Oman

10 days

From € 1390,- pp

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On this unforgettable self-drive adventure, you'll see the best Oman has to offer. Discover warm welcomes and an intriguing mix of modern and traditional. See details >

Oman Adventure

17 days

From € 2535,- pp

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Reveal the enduring legacies of Oman as you explore epic landscapes, remarkably preserved architectural sites and cultural touchstones that have stood the test of time. See details >

Oman Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Ultimate Oman

10 days

From € 3545,- pp

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This tailor made luxury Oman tour explores the unique combination of ancient culture and modern world that define this country. See details >

Muscat Al Alam Palace

Best of Oman & the Emirates

15 days

From € 1890,- pp

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Celebrate the rich tapestry of history, culture and innovation that lie at the cornerstones of Oman and the UAE, two nations boasting both ultra-modern metropolises and timeless traditions. See details >

About Oman

A round trip through Oman combines Eastern mysticism, Western comfort, and very hospitable population. You will explore the impressive mountains, beautiful green oases, and charming villages. It is one of the most safe and traditional destinations of the Middle East.

The Sultanate Oman holds a civilization of more than 12000 years old. The many beautiful sandcastles, forts and watchtowers are the silent witnesses of a glorious past. At the Wahiba Desert you will drive through immense high red sand dunes and stay in the middle of the desert with nomads. You can stay at the most luxurious resorts in Jebel Akhdar, based in the Hajar Mountains.

The country is located next to the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman. There is always a cool breeze at these untouched coastlines. If you are lucky, you will spot turtles coming ashore at night on the beach of Ras al Hadd. In the far south you will find Salalah, the perfect destination for relaxation. Looking for an adventure? Go on an expedition in the Rub al Khali desert, translating into ‘the empty quarter’. Along with a guide you will go wild camping in this massive desert.

Oman has a lot to offer. You will undoubtedly enjoy the hospitality of the people and the cuisine with both Arabic and Indian influences. If you are looking for a varied trip to a beautiful country, we would be happy to create a customized offer.

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