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When it comes to our approach we’re proud to say we’re different to your average tour operator or travel agent. We offer something a little more special. Planning a successful holiday takes a similar amount of organisation and fortitude as a small scale military operation. But fear not, our team of specialists are here to take the stress out of the planning process.

Build a tailored itinerary

We're here to help with everything while you're away from the smallest to the biggest request. See details >

Classic Oman

10 days

From € 1390,- pp

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On this unforgettable self-drive adventure, you'll see the best Oman has to offer. Discover warm welcomes and an intriguing mix of modern and traditional. See details >

Highlights of Israel

8 days

From € 745,- pp

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This itinerary immerses you in Israel's raw and ancient beauty. From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and from Masada's mountain top ruins to the vast salty expanse of the Dead Sea. See details >

Jordanië Jerash Zuilenweg

The Ultimate Jordan Road Trip

15 days

From € 1645,- pp

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Explore the ancient archaeological sites of the Amman Citadel and the Greco-Roman city of Jerash. Admire the awe-inspiring Petra and Wadi Rum, and float on the Dead Sea. See details >

Dubai Woestijnsafari

The Ultimate Dubai Adventure

10 days

From € 1095,- pp

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Rising out of the desert, the city of Dubai is a place that’s constantly reinventing itself. Huge skyscrapers, the world’s best shopping malls and ancient Bedouin heritage combine to create a unique adventure. See details >

Israel and Jordan Adventure

18 days

From € 2195,- pp

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Journey through two ancient lands, encountering historic sites sacred to three world faiths as you discover Israel, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv; behold magnificent Petra and overnight in Wadi Rum. See details >

Oman Adventure

17 days

From € 2535,- pp

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Reveal the enduring legacies of Oman as you explore epic landscapes, remarkably preserved architectural sites and cultural touchstones that have stood the test of time. See details >

Oman Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Ultimate Oman

10 days

From € 3545,- pp

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This tailor made luxury Oman tour explores the unique combination of ancient culture and modern world that define this country. See details >

Muscat Al Alam Palace

Best of Oman & the Emirates

15 days

From € 1890,- pp

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Celebrate the rich tapestry of history, culture and innovation that lie at the cornerstones of Oman and the UAE, two nations boasting both ultra-modern metropolises and timeless traditions. See details >

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