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  • destination Dubai, Egypt & Saudi Arabia

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We are a creative luxury travel company who take a thoughtful approach to creating tailor-made holidays and we want you to be on holiday while you’re on holiday. Our thoughtful experts are ready with ideas, inspiration and advice for your next journey. We take great pride in creating an itinerary tailored around you. We can finesse every detail so your holiday is not only special but hassle-free too, with every detail taken care of.

Working with you we’ll craft an unforgettable trip and tailored itinerary. Your Arab Escape expert is here for last minute tips and our 24hr helpline is always available in the unlikely event something should go wrong.

  • Give us a call or drop us an email to find out more
  • You’ll receive a lovingly crafted itinerary pack
  • Every detail will be fine tuned for you
  • Your expert will happily send you any last minute advice you need while away
  • If something should go wrong our 24hr help line has you covered


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