The Classic Israel Trip

  • destination Israel
  • traveltime15 days
  • moneyFrom € 1495,- pp

This 15-day tour includes a rental car and takes you to the many highlights of this beautiful country. Israel has a very diverse culture and many nature reserves worth a visit. Your journey starts in Tel Aviv, where after you head north and will visit cities such as Haifa, Acre and Tiberias. The tour continues south to Ein Gedi, Mitzpe Ramon and the holy city Jerusalem.

This complete journey through Israel offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience.

The tour can be made as a fly & drive or you can travel with a private driver. The program can always be adapted to your wishes.

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Flight to Tel Aviv including meet & assist and airport transfer

Today you will arrive at the international airport of Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion. Our representative will be waiting for you here. You will be guided to your driver who will transport you to the hotel. After checking in you can spend the rest of the day in the city. We can give you plenty of suggestions for a nice diner on the first evening.

Tel Aviv – Jaffa – Tel Aviv optional (bike)tour with guide

After breakfast you can explore the modern city of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv emerged as a suburb of one of the oldest cities in the world: the 3000-years old city of Jaffa. Nowadays Jaffa is one of the suburbs of Tel Aviv and well-known for its oranges.

Visit the old city of Jaffa and stroll through the narrow streets with plenty of shops, galleries, restaurants and small markets. Be sure to visit the flea market and the old port of Jaffa. You can also rent bikes here and cycle along the boulevard of Tel Aviv, which is 13 kilometres long. Or you can choose to relax at the beach. There is plenty to choose from!

Tel Aviv optional (bike)tour with guide

Today is at leisure. You can visit the Museum of Modern Arts or take a stroll down Rothschild Boulevard. Optional we can arrange a cycling-tour through Tel Aviv for you. You will meet our local guide who will show you around the highlights of the city and more! Tel Aviv is known as a hub for innovation, technology and creativity. The food culture is very popular over the world and the beaches are stunning. Our guide will also take you to the old city of Jaffa where you can explore the many art galleries of the city.

Tel Aviv – Caesarea - Haifa pick up rental car

Today you will leave the city of Tel Aviv and head north to Caesarea, which is only an hour away. Visit the old city of crusaders or go to the famous aqueduct beach nearby. After this visit you will continue to Haifa where you can visit the Baha’i Temples and walk around the old German neighborhood.

Haifa - Acre – Haifa optional diner at Uri Buri Restaurant

A visit to Acre is an important part of the Israeli experience. The city serves as a meeting point for east and west, old and new, beauty and ruins. This is what makes Acre so unique. The city offers a variety of tourist attractions, definitely worth a visit. At the Efendi Hotel you will find a great restaurant called Uri Buri. A visit to this authentic restaurant is an experience in itself. We can make a reservation for lunch or diner.

When you have seen enough of Acre it is time to discover Haifa. Here you can visit the Baha’i temples and gardens. The Baha’i religion is known as the youngest in the world. Walk around the charming old German neighborhood or have a cup of coffee at the rooftop terrace of the Colony Hotel. This hotel is only a short walk away from the Baha’i Temples.

Haifa – Megiddo – Nazareth – Tsipori - Tiberias

Today you will head to the Northeastern part of Israel. From Haifa you will continue your way to Megiddo. This city played an important role in the history of the country. It served as a central stop along the main trade route of the ancient world, which crossed the land bridge of Canaan to connect the far corners of the Fertile Crescent, Egypt in the south and Mesopotamia in the north.

Afterwards you will pass Nazareth where you can visit the Church of the Annunciation. Near Nazareth you will find Tsipori National Park with lots of ruins. At the end of the day you will arrive in Tiberias where you will stay the night.

Tiberias – Capernaum – Safed – Tiberias

From Tiberias you can visit two other sites. The first one is Capernaum. In 1894 the ruins and adjacent areas were bought and until this day they are owned by the Franciscans. West of the House of Peter they build a small monastery and they dedicated themselves to the investigation of Capernaum.

After visiting the ruins you can continue your way to Safed where you will find the origin of the Jewish spiritualism Kabbalah. This is truly a mystical place. It is possible to visit the Golan Heights today as well, this is only one hour away from Tiberias. A lot of nature reserves can be found here.

Tiberias – Gan Hashlosha – Beth Alpha – Ein Gedi

Today you will leave the north of Israel and head to the Gan Hashlosha National Park. Here you can find a path that will lead you through the nature reserve. Nearby is a place called Beth Alpha, which is famous for its incredible synagogue.

After this visit, you will drive inland and go south. You will arrive at Ein Gedi, which is located next to the Death Sea. Perhaps there still is time for a dip into the water.

Ein Gedi – Masada – Sde Boker – Mitzpe Ramon

In the morning you can visit the nature reserve of Ein Gedi. There are two hiking options. The first one only takes 1,5 hours. The second, more advanced, hike takes 3 to 4 hours in total.

Afterwards you can drive to Masada, which is only 20 minutes away. Masada is well-known for its famous citadel, located on a high plateau near the Death Sea. King Herod fled to Masada in the year 40 B.C. because he was in danger. It is possible to hike to the top of the citadel or you can take the cable cart. The view from the top is magnificent.

The trip continues further south, towards the Negev desert. You will pass Sde Boker, a kibbutz in the desert and will continue your way to Mitzpe Ramon. Mitzpe Ramon is famous for its crater, a beautiful natural phenomenon with a luxurious hotel build on the edge. Here you can have diner or lunch at the Rosemary Restaurant, the perfect spot to enjoy the views of the crater.

Mitzpe Ramon – Ein Avdat – Be’er Sheva – Jerusalem hand in rental car

Close to Mitzpe Ramon you will find the National Park of Ein Avdat. At first you will pass a viewpoint with beautiful views of the park. The entrance is located 5 kilometres away. At the foot of the mountains and you will find a parking lot from where you can start your hike. On average, the hike takes 1,5 hours. The route is a loop so it will take you back to the parking lot.

After some exercise you will continue your trip to Jerusalem. It is possible to stop at the city Be’er Sheva on the way. The evening is at leisure.

Jerusalem optional visit with guide

Optional program: in the morning you will meet our local Israeli guide. Together with the guide you will explore the old city of Jerusalem. The old part of the city is divided in four quarters: the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian quarter. The history of the old city dates back to 1004 BC when King David founded Jerusalem. The old city of Jerusalem has a lot of stories to tell, according to your interest we will put together a plan for the day with a guide. You will visit the Mount of Olives, the via Dolorosa and the church of the Holy sepulcher. This will be a intense but unforgettable day.

Jerusalem – Yad Vashem - Bethlehem – Jerusalem

Today you will spend another day in the area of Jerusalem. After an extensive visit of the Old City yesterday, you can now visit some sites outside the Old city walls. You can pass the border to the West Bank and visit Bethlehem today. The birthplace of Christ is only 10 km south of Jerusalem and offers a wide range of historic sites to visit. The main place to visit is the Church of Nativity, a church built on top of the place where Jesus was born. This UNESCO site is surrounded by other historic sites to visit like the fields of the Shepherds and St. Catherine’s Church.

After you have been to Bethlehem you can visit Yad Vashem. This is Israel’s largest Holocaust Memorial. The memorial is set on the slopes of the mount of Remembrance. Yad Vashem is an impressive place to visit and we definitely recommend everyone to take part in this Israeli experience.

Jerusalem – Tel Aviv including transfer

It is time to leave the historic city of Jerusalem and travel towards Tel Aviv. A driver will pick you up from your accommodation, we can arrange this transfer at any hour. The route to Tel Aviv will take about 1,5 hours. After arriving in Tel Aviv you can either enjoy the bustling city or relax at the beach.

Tel Aviv

Today is at leisure.

Tel Aviv – flight back home including airport transfer

Unfortunately your trip has come to an end. Hopefully you have had an amazing time in Israel!


Brown Beach House

Tel Aviv Brown Beach House is just a few meters away from the seafront. The hotel also features the ‘Flamingo bar’, a popular bar for both guests and locals.

Shirat Hayam Boutique Hotel

TiberiasThe Shirat Hayam Boutique Hotel is a historic building on the seaside promenade in Tiberias, overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

Bay Club Boutique Hotel

Haifa Bay Club Boutique Hotel is halfway between Haifa Bay and the Carmelite Mountains. The ideal base to discover Haifa and its highlights



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