Inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • destination Saudi Arabia
  • traveltime10 days
  • moneyFrom € 5150,- pp

A journey through unknown Saudi Arabia will amaze you with beautiful cultural sites, spectacular nature and very friendly people. The country has recently opened its doors for tourism at the end of 2019. The rich country is working hard to modernize this relatively new sector. Saudi Arabia is well known for the production of oil and is by far the biggest country on the Arabian penisula. An unusual destination which offers many new and truly unique experiences.

When you travel to Saudi Arabia you have to take a few rules into consideration. However, this does not make traveling here any harder. We advise to explore the country with a driver or guide, however, it is also possible to drive yourself. Saudi Arabia is the center of the Islamic religion, moreover two of the most holy cities can be found here: Medina and Mecca. Unfortunately it is not possible to visit these cities as a non-muslim tourist, there is much more to see in the country though! The history of the country dates back to the origin of the Islam. Mohammed was born in Mecca in 571. The Ottomans ruled here for a long time and also the Nabataeans included parts of Saudi Arabia into their kingdom.

During this 10-day tour through the kingdom you will visit the capital Riyad, but also the famous city Madain Saleh and the Souda mountain where the flower men live. After an extensive visit to Madain Saleh you will continue your way to Jeddah, situated on the shore of the Read Sea. Overall, a diverse trip which will show you a mysterious world.

ArabEscape is the specialist for travels to Saudi Arabia. We have our own local team who will welcome you into the country and will assist you along the way. Do you have any specific wishes for your trip? Please let us know, and we will arange it for you!

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Arrival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia including meet & assist and airport transfer

On the first day of your adventure you will arrive in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. After arrival you will be welcomed by one of our local representatives and transferred to the hotel for your first overnight stay.

Riyadh including tour with local guide

You will spend the entire day in the capital of Saudi Arabia, the country that is shaped the way we know it since 1932. This is also the year when Riyadh became the official capital. With 5.7 million inhabitants it is by far the largest city in the country, about 20 per cent of the population lives here.

In the morning you will visit the historical town Diryah. This is an important archaeological site where the Saudi Dynasty has begun. You will visit the Musmak Fort, which used to be a military fort for the army of King Abdullah Bin Rashid. Afterwards you can visit the Dira Souq or the National Museum of Riyadh.

Riyadh - Abha - Muftaha - Shada including domestic flight and transfers

Today you will leave the capital and fly to Abha. The city Abha is well-known for its colourful market. Moreover, you can find the art village Muftaha here, founded in 1989 to promote the coastal area from the kingdom.

Visit the famous Shada palace which used to belong to King Abdul Aziz. After the renovation in 1988 the palace opened to the public as a museum. You will spend the night in Abha.

Abha - Souda mountain - Habala - Hamsan

From Abha you will visit the Asir Mountains. This area stretches all the way to the border with Jemen. You will drive to the top of the Souda Mountain. From 2500 meters altitude you can go on a ride with the cable cart of 7 kilometers long. Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way.

The colourful flower men live in this area. They wear headbands made by flowers and they live in a village called Habala.

Abha - Medina - Al Ula including domestic flight and transfers

From Abha you travel to Medina. This will be a long traveling day. After a short domestic flight you will arrive in Medina, also known as Madinah. From here your journey continues to Al Ula. Tomorrow you will go on a surprising and unique tour to Madain Saleh.

Al Ula - Madain Saleh - Al Ula including local guide

Today you travel through Wadi Al Ula, the gateway to extensive Madain Saleh where you can find the famous Elephant Rock. Madain Saleh is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. This place is a remnant of the time the Nabataeans ruled the area, back in the day it was called Al Hijr. It was an important site due to its location on the most important trading routes through the realm of the Nabataeans.

Al Ula - Hail

From Al Ula you will drive to Hail in the morning. Before continuing to Jubbah you can visit the old town of Al Ula. The oldest cave paintings and remains from ancient civilizations in the area were found here. A nice stop along the route.

Hail is the capital of Nadjd province and a city of average size. It is also an important resting place from people from the far east who are completing the religious journey to Mecca called the hadj. In Hail you can visit the Barzan palace, here you will also find the Barzan souq and market. The palace was built by prince Muammad Bin Abdul-Mushin al Ali in 1808.

Hail - Jeddah including domestic flight and transfers

In the morning you will travel to Jeddah by flight. Jeddah is located on the shore of the Red Sea. After checking in at your hotel you can visit the extraordinary Al Rahma mosque, which is build on water. You can also visit the Abdul Rauf Khalil Art Museum.

Jeddah is the second biggest city in Saudi Arabia situated in the Mecca province. The rest of the afternoon is at leisure.

Jeddah including local guide

Today you will spend the whole day in Jeddah. Many Islamic pilgrims arrive here on their way to Medina and Mecca, the holiest cities of the Islamic religion. As a non-muslim tourist you are not allowed to visit these places, but Jeddah has much more to offer. Visit Jedda’s old houses made of coral. The most famous one is Nasif House, ever since 1964 the house has opened to the public. From here you can visit the Corniche and the 80-kilometers long boulevard.

Jeddah - flight back home including private transfer

Unfortunately your trip has come to an end. From Jeddah you will travel back home. One of our local representatives will pick you up at the hotel and bring you to the airport.


Rosewood Jeddah

Jeddah One of the most beautiful hotels in Jeddah. The hotel is located on the seafront promenade and offers all luxury that Rosewood has to offer.The rooftop terrace by itself is reason enough to stay here.

Al Madakhil Camp

Al Ula When you visit Madain Saleh, you will spend your night in a beautiful and authentic desert camp located on the edge of the desert and near the entrance of the national park.

Abha Palace

Abha The Abha Palace is located near the Abha Al Sad lake and is one of the best hotels in the region with nice rooms and a beautiful view over the area.


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Inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • destination Saudi Arabia
  • traveltime10 days
  • moneyFrom € 5150,- pp
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