About Lebanon

Lebanon is proof that the Middle East has a lot to offer. The small country borders the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel, and Syria. Moreover, it is the only country in the Arab world with four seasons yearly, due to its nature. Lebanon is home to magnificent mountains where you can go skiing during winter, countless ancient ruins, international festivals at historical sites, and one of the best wine regions in the world.

Despite the unrest from the past you will find one of the trendiest capitals of the Middle East here: Beirut. A very modern and liberal city with an amazing nightlife. This is also the perfect starting point for day trips throughout the country. With a rental car you can easily reach historical sites such as the port city Byblos, the ancient Roman ruins in Baalbek, the Beittedine palace complex and the impressive green Qadisha Valley. There are many high-class hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and nightclubs to be found.

The combination of a turbulent past, the Mediterranean coast, many Roman temples, vineyards, and delicious food makes Lebanon a diverse destination.

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