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Iran is a special destination with many contrasts. From rugged mountains in the North to the extensive desert in center. It is a large country with a rich history. We start our trips through ancient Persia in Shiraz, the city of roses and nightingales, a lively and liberal city in southern Iran. You will then arrive in Yazd, the city of Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest continuously practiced religions. Afterwards, it is time for perhaps the most beautiful city in Iran: Isfahan. A fairy tale city that can even be explored by bicycle. On the way we visit a couple of small villages and make stops at beautiful nature reserves.

During this trip you will get to know ancient and classic Iran while we will end in the modern capital Tehran. In short, this trip provides you with you a complete picture of this beautiful country.

Iran is a destination with its own character, incredibly warm people and a treasure when it comes to history and cultural highlights. A hidden gem that you should visit at least once in your life.

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Flight to Shiraz, Iran including meet & assist and airport transfer

On the first day you will travel to Shiraz. Here you will be met by a local team member of You will be taken to your hotel for the night. Here you can rest and prepare for the first day of your round trip.


Today you have a day at leisure in Shiraz. Around noon you will meet one of our local representatives who will tell you more about the next two weeks in Iran and the city of Shiraz.

Shiraz including city tour

You will spend the entire day in the lively city Shiraz. Together with a guide you will visit some highlights of the city starting with the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, a pink mosque where the beautiful morning light will mesmarize you. Sunlight shines through the stained glass windows, creating this color spectacle. After this visit you continue towards the famous Persian Eram garden.

In the evening you will visit a place that is especially popular among the Iranian youth. You will visit the Tomb of Hafez, an acclaimed poet who still inspires many Iranians. This is an inspiring place where you can easily get in touch with the local youth.

Shiraz - Persepolis - Necropolis - Pasargadea - Shiraz

After a day in modern Shiraz, you will dive into the history of the ancient empire of Persia, which formerly extended over Central Asia. Early in the morning you will hop in the car with your guide for a daytrip to Persepolis and Necropolis. You will travel 2.500 years back in time today.

Persepolis was built by Darius I. During his lordship, Darius and all the leaders and ministers of the region came together at Persepolis. Persepolis was de ceremonial capital of the old Persian Empire. Almost two centuries ago the city was a symbol of power and wealth, until Alexander the Great arrived in Persepolis. The city fell into disrepair and slowly disappeared under eight meters of sand. It was not rediscovered until the 1930’s. In the afternoon you will visit Necropolis and Pasargadae. An educational and impressive day which will help you understand the history of the country.

Shiraz - Kerman by flight of by car

Early in the morning you will continue your journey to Kerman. In between Shiraz and Kerman lies Bakhtegan National Park. Due to the dry climate in the area the lake has completely dried up. Therefore, we prefer to fly from Shiraz to Kerman, but if you would like to see the rugged mountain landscape you can also drive the long but beautiful road to your next stop. The afternoon is at leisure. If you have any time left, you should definitely visit the old town bazaar.

Kerman - Lut desert - Shahdeh garden - Kerman

From Kerman you travel towards the Lut desert. On the way you will pass many different desert folks and nomads who live here. Due to the constant heat in the area around Kerman, where the temperature constantly reaches 30 to 35 degrees Celcius, extraordinary rock formations arose here.
In the afternoon you will visit Shazdeh Mahan Garden, an UNESCO World Heritage site just south of Kerman. The Shazdeh Garden rises out of the arid desert with its glorious tall trees. Fresh water runs straight from the mountain, it is a stunning picture. Makes sure you are here at sunset while sipping a cup of traditional tea in the teahouse at the top of the garden.

Kerman - Rafsanjan - Sar Yazd - Zein-o-Din - Yazd

From Kerman your journey continues towards the desert city of Yazd, a city characterized by the typical low-rise buildings. Yazd is well-known for the Zoroastrian religion. A religious minority still practise Zoroastrianism here. From Kerman you will first pass the town of Rafsanjan before you arrive at Sar Yazd. You can visit the famous desert castle, which is definitely worth a visit.

There is one more stop on the way, the Zein-o-Din caravanserai. The caravanserai is situated on the Silk Road which was the main trade route between Europe and Asia until the year 1500. In Iran there are around 1000 caravanserai’s, Zein-o-Din is one of the two caravanserais built with circular towers. This is the perfect spot for an afternoon tea and a chat with the local owners.

Yazd including city tour

Today you will learn about Zoroastrianism, an interesting movement of faith based on right and wrong. This religion derives from ancient Persia. The Zoroastrians are a small minority in Iran and mainly live around Yazd. In the seventh century AD, the Islam quickly emerged as a new religion. The followers of Zoroastrianism were given the choice of converting to the Islam or to leave the Persian Empire. Many Zoroastrians fled to India and became known as the ‘Parsen’, named after their original home country Persia.

A famous Zoroastrian from India was Farrokh Bulsara, better known by the stage name Freddie Mercury from the band Queen. Today, the 30 to 35 thousand Zoroastrians in Iran are legally recognized, and Yazd is the most important place for the approximately 200.000 Zoroastrians worldwide. You can visit the Towers of Silence and the Fire temple where the eternal fire of Zoroastrianism burns. In the afternoon you can visit the Dowlat Abad gardens. The city is known for its treats and sweets, so do not forget to visit the city center where you can taste these at one of the local patisseries.

Yazd - Meybod - Nain - Isfahan

After breakfast you leave the desert behind and travel north to Meybood. Here you can visit one of the special water-cooling installations and an old caravanserai. Afterwards, the journey continues to Na’in or Naien, this is one of the oldest towns from Iran with only 25.000 inhabitants. Here you can admire one of the most beautiful and oldest traditional houses: the Pre-Islamic Narej Fortress called a Pirnia.

In the afternoon you will arrive in Isfahan. The rest of the day is at leisure. In the evening you can visit the Si-o-se Pol bridge. This bridge has 33 arches, and in the evening locals come together under the bridge to sing and drink traditional tea. Especially on weekends, which start on Thursday, it is truly an amazing experience.

Isfahan including city tour

Today you wake up in one thousand and one nights fairy tale. You are in Isfahan, in our opinion the most beautiful city of Iran. You will spend all day exploring this special city. The guide will show you all highlights. Isfahan is the third largest city in Iran with a population of two million inhabitants. The city is known for its beautiful architecture, bridges, and the heart of Isfahan, the Imam Square.

Originally, the Imam Square was intended for ceremonies and sports, with polo being very popular. From 1602, the Square was also used for trading merchandise. In the late 1970s, the square was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it definitely earned its spot. For the rest, we are not going to say much. Go, discover, and experience this city! The guide will take you on a tour to the Palace, the mosques, and the bazaar at the square. Later in the day you will head toward Chehel Sotoun Palace, where Queen Elizabeth stayed during her first visit to Iran. Do not forget to walk around the accompanying garden of the palace. If you want, we can schedule a cooking class where you learn the art of cooking traditional Iranian dishes.


Today is at leisure in Isfahan. Enjoy the Iranian families having a picnic in the middle of Meidan Imam square and wander through the massive souq around the square. Fun fact: this souq is 5 kilometres long! Isfahan is a beautiful city with many young people who would like to have a chat with you. If you are looking for something to do we highly recommend a visit to the Armenian Quarter. The Armenian Quarter is also called New Jolfa and known for the Holy Savior Cathedral. When you walk into the Cathedral, you will be overwhelmed by the mesmerizing design of the church. Stroll around in the friendly neighborhood and get to know the people of Isfahan. In the afternoon you can visit the Abbassi Hotel for a cup of tea. The courtyard is beautiful, and if you can, sneak into the breakfast area! It looks just like the inside of the Titanic.

Isfahan - Kashan - Qom - Tehran

After a relaxing day we have a busy day ahead of us. Early in the morning you will head to Kashan, a beautiful historic city and the perfect stop for lunch on the way to Tehran. After a stroll through the town of Kashan, where you have the feeling you go back decades in time with all the mudbrick houses and sandy streets, you can visit Bagh-e-Fin. Bagh-e Fin garden is one of the few Persian gardens where water still flows through the pond.

After visiting Kashan and Bagh-e-Fin garden, your journey continues to Qom. Qom is Iran’s center of faith, a very special stop. With more than one million inhabitants, this is the place where Ayatollah Khomeini lived and studied for years. In 816, the sister of the 8th Imam Rez, named Fatima, died in Qom. The holy shrine where Fatima is buried is located in Qom. From all over the world thousands of Shia Muslims travel to Qom to visit the holy shrine of Fatima and to ask for her blessing. Please note appropriate clothing is required in Qom.

From Qom you drive further towards Tehran, the capital of Iran with about 8 million inhabitants. Just before entering Tehran, you make a stop at Ayatollah Khomeini’s mausoleum. This huge complex is a memorial to the Ayatollah and serves as a gathering place for the Iranians.

Tehran including city tour

You will leave early in the morning to visit the souq of Tehran. Here you will experience modern Tehran in a perfect combination with traditional Arab life. The souq is enormous and very diverse, you can easily spend all morning here.

From the souq you continue by foot to the Golestan Palace, the oldest building in Tehran. Golestan Palace literally translates into Palace of Flowers. In addition, you go to the Palace of the Shah in North Tehran, the Niavaran Complex. The Shah lived here until he fled. This palace has recently opened to visitors.

In Tehran you will spend the day with a guide. You will visit the highlights of the city while we travel by metro and avoid the busy traffic which would make you lose a lot of time. Enjoy the ride!

Tehran - Darkeh - Tehran

After breakfast your driver will be ready for your trip to Darband. You will visit the Sa’dabad complex today. Shah Reza Pahlavi and Farah Diba lived in this white palace before they left the country. Several palaces and buildings can be visited here. Via a road through the forest you will eventually reach the second exit of the complex.

After lunch you can go to Darakeh, a village situated at 1700 meters altitude north of the infamous Evin prison. Darakeh is one of the most pleasant urban escapes in Tehran. From the cluster of riverside restaurants near the central parking lot, trails lead up through the village and connect with hiking trails across and along the mountainside. It is possible to walk to Station 1 of Tochal Telecabin and beyond.

Tehran - Flight home including airport transfer

One of our local employees will take you to Tehran International Airport from where you will fly back home. We hope you have had an amazing time in Iran.


Abbasi Hotel

Isfahan The most famous hotel in Iran and perhaps the Middle East. The Abbasi hotel has been a concept in Iran for over 400 years and is an absolute must-see during a trip to Iran. This luxury hotel has all the facilities you need for a pleasant stay.

Safaiyeh Hotel

Yazd This unique accommodation in the heart of Yazd has an authentic Iranese atmosphere and will completely unburden you.

Zandiye Hotel

ShirazThe Zandiye Hotel in Shiraz is located near the historic centre. This hotel is one of the best in Shiraz and offers you everything for a wonderful stay in this city.



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